That's what happened June 21, 1621 at Prague's Old Town Square, rocked Europe. Emperor Ferdinand after victory at White Mountain Catholic Church and nobility enabled plunder the Czech lands: distinguished themselves in this particular gentlemen Liechtenstein and Wallenstein. But no one expected that more is to kill a 27 Czech lords! For this and for its time unprecedented atrocities he allegedly implored the Jesuits with a simple argument: "God wants it." So Prague was triggered horrendous theater cutting languages as the language of nailing to the gallows, hanging, cutting off arms and beheadings (descriptions of the horrors preserved in pamphlets that were published in a number of countries). "Always at most merciful" emperor then still had severed heads in baskets to expose the Most towers - rot there until the invasion of the Swedes, then disappeared without a trace. Old Town Square execution symbolically ended the era of the old provincial Czech aristocracy which was  then replaced by a wave of greedy adventurers.




Restaurant "U ČESKÝCH PÁNŮ" is an old style restaurant in the centre of Prague, on the corner of Školská and Vodičkova streets. The restaurant is located in the cellar areas of a historically valuable building based on original foundations dating back to the period 1357-1360 and built according to the founder´s deed for the New Town of Prague issued by Charles IV. on 8. March 1348.

The gothic interior of the restaurant is furnished in the mediaeval style but air-conditioned. The restaurant offers a wide range of specialities of Czech and European cousine combined with fresh vegetable salads. We also offer a rich choise of Moravian wines, several kinds of beer and other alcoholic as well as soft drinks.

Our restaurants have seating for 90, of which 65 in the main hall, and 25 in the saloon. The restaurant is perfectly suitable for individual guests, groups of foreign tourists as well as for banquets, festive parties as well as wedding receptions and company parties.



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Restaurant U českých pánů
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